Hiring a Remodeling Contractor

So, have you been thinking of remodeling your home? Maybe you have been in the same home for some time now and feel it needs updating. Or is it that you have just moved in and want to personalize your new home to your taste. Whether you feel the need to remodel or refurbish there is a lot that goes into remodeling a house. Are you thinking that your living room or bedrooms need updating or a complete makeover? Maybe you want to remodel your kitchen or bathroom. Whatever kind of project you are looking to do in your home, hiring a reliable home remodeling contractor can be a job in itself.

Here are some things we think you may need to consider before hiring a remodeling contractor:-

  1. Need vs. want – when considering a remodeling project, you should always make a list of what you need and what you want. What you need, and what’s practical, will always be what is most important to be accomplished by the remodeling, and what you absolutely cannot live without. You need to look at your budget, and get some ideas of costs, to see if you have money to cover your project or if you need fianancing – a good contractor can give you some ideas there, some may even be able to help with financing. You can easily get funding for a remodel project but don’t put yourself in debt over things on your wish list. What you want should always become secondary to the things you need and only if time and money prevail.
  2. Designing- This may be your first home remodel project or you may have experience from other projects – keep in mind, a good contractor may have already done hundreds of design projects. An experienced contractor should be well aware of the variety of materials, customized design options and accessories available in your area. It is not only them and their work you are hiring, but their experience, so use it and listen to them. Looking for ideas on your own – the internet is filled with great ideas to help give you options. Just remember that not everything you see can be found, and if found, may not fit within your budget. Be open to options or alternatives that can achieve the same or a similar look, and keep costs down to leave room for unexpected things that may come up.
  3. Cost – There are so many variables to the cost of each and every project. Will it be remodeled or completely redone. Do you like standard off the shelf type materials or will you custom order to suit your needs? Hiring a remodeling contractor may be the most cost effective option compared to getting the work done by someone inexperienced, or even yourself. More complex projects can require a bit of prior experience for not only the work that needs to be done, but in what order things need to happen. You don’t want to do a large remodel project yourself and get too far ahead to find out that you missed a step – redoing things can get costly, so experience is a must and can help keep some costs down. A contractor with good experience can help make sense of what fits, what works, what’s next and whether all those costs can be kept within your budget. They should also be able to tell you if you need to increase your budget to fulfill your wish list.

How do you find the best remodeling contractor for you?

After considering the above, you should be willing, and ready, to do a little research first to find the right contractor for you. Here are some tips you should consider when hiring:-

  • Reviews and feedbacks – Always look for positive reviews and feedback when looking for a remodeling contractor. When researching reviews online look for companies (like ours) that list reviews that were written by someone that was directly connected to the contractor. To many online review companies are allowing people to write reviews without checking or verifying a persons information. Make sure the reviews you are reading are from a reliable source – so, check the website you are reading the reviews on too. Make sure they have a good sign up policy and that they verify each persons information.
  • Ask your family, friends or co-workers – If you like the remodeling work at the home of your friend or family, always make sure to ask them about the contractor they used. Hearing good things about a contractor right from that person is one of the best possible ways to get a review, especially if that friend or family member has similar tastes as you. Anybody that has done a remodel project and found a contractor that they were really happy with will always be willing to share their information.

Your home is the place you live and create memories. Design it by taking your likes and needs into consideration – but don’t forget to think of what things you may need down the road.