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ContractorsPA was founded by a contractor and Business Owner, just like our members. We know, first hand, what it is like owning and running your own business. We thought it was time that someone started looking out for the contractors and not only the customers.

We feel that there should be someone looking out for the service professionals. We work hard, we put in very long hours and we just want to do our jobs and get paid for what we do. ContractorsPA was started with one thought in mind - finding the good customers and getting them the good contractors. Let's face it, customers don't want to have problems any more than we do.

ContractorsPA was designed to assist contractors with services that protect their business and assist with problems that can arise. The Lead Service is an easy way to get projects that customers have posted. Our affiliate program gets our members discounts on select companies offering retail products and services. The Dispute service will aid in problems that may come up between members and customers. Our Collection Department will help to retrieve money that our members have worked hard for. We also offer Pre-Employment Screening and Credit Checks; our members should have all the information they need before hiring someone. We offer financing through a third party lender. Next time a customer tells you they don't have the funds right now but they really are interested, our members will be able to offer a solution. We offer the availability for our members to check on potential customers through our Customer Screening service.

Customers have always been able to check on Contractors, why shouldn't we be able to check on our customer's. Customer's have always referred good contractors, why shouldn't we be able to refer good customer's. Now you can get a little more information on your customer to better understand them before doing their job.

ContractorsPA offers our members the services, we feel, would greatly aid in the ease and growth of owning your own construction business.

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