Welcome to ContractorsPA

Matching Good Customers With Good Contractors

We now offer two types of memberships for customers as follows:



Customers can register for a free account which includes:

  1. Lead service management including:

    1. Direct access to the lead service request forms for posting new "find a contractor" requests.
    2. When new leads are submitted you will automatically recieve a list of all contractors that recieved your information.
    3. View all previous lead requests submitted with a list of all contractors, including their contact information, that received your lead.
  2. Customer screening:

    Access to the Customer Screening database:
    1. Access for customers to do a one-time search to see how contractors have rated them.
    2. Customers that find negative remarks on themselves will be given the opportunity to dispute the contractor's comments.
    Note: Premium members get free access to searching and reading any reviews written about them
  3. Find Employment:

    1. Direct access to the find employment service where you can post your resume for our contractor/members to see.
  4. Financing:

    1. Direct access to our financing page to view our financing affiliates.

$39.95 PER YEAR

Premium members will have access to a free account including:

  1. Contractor Screening:

    1. Direct access to writing reviews on contractors that have received the leads you have submitted.
    2. View all reviews written about any contractor, by other customer's, that have received the leads you have submitted.
  2. Dispute Service:

    1. Members can file a complaint with us against contractors.
    2. Letters will be sent out to each party to try to resolve the issues, ContractorsPA will try to help negotiate a mutually agreeable arrangement.
    3. If our member's contractors do not respond or help resolve the matter, their file will be turned over to our affiliate collection department for processing (if money is owed). We will help assist with filing complaints with other web sites so that other will be aware.