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Matching Good Customers With Good Contractors

Membership to the ContractorsPA site will be offered as follows. Each prospective member's application will be processed and checked to ensure that they meet the ContractorsPA standards. Each member needs the following to be considered as a member:

Contractor Account Requirements

  1. Proper licensing

    for their county or state. (Copy required if applicable)
  2. Proper insurance

    (liability and worker's comp.)
    1. The ContractorsPA requires to be listed as a certificate holder on all insurance policies. There are two main reasons as follows:
      1. To validate that the member is a legitimate company and that they meet the requirements to be conducting business.
      2. To ensure that if there is a change in coverage we are notified of that change.
  3. No adverse remarks

    on their business profile. We check the BBB, local licensing agencies and county records for outstanding complaints. If there are remarks on your file they will be reviewed to determine if the complaints were legitimate.

We now offer two types of memberships for contractors as follows:



Contractors can register for a standard account which includes:

  1. Account home page

    1. Members account information including:
      1. Username and password
      2. Billing preference information
      3. Direct access to the services below
  2. Customer Screening Service:

    1. Unlimited access to do a search of potential customers to check their profile
    2. Access to enter new customers into our nationwide database
    3. Access to update customer's information or add to an existing customer profile
  3. Contractor Screening Service:

    1. Unlimited access to do a search of contractors to check their profile
    2. Access to enter new contractors into our nationwide database
    3. Access to update contractor's information or add to an existing contractor profile
  4. Background Check Service:

    1. Pre-employment screening and other services at discounted rates
  5. Affiliates Page:

    1. Members will have access to companies that have offered special discounts to our members
  6. Find an Employee:

    1. Members have access to view resumes that have been posted by potential employees
  7. Find a Contractor/Member

    1. Members have access to search for and connect with other contractor/members

$34.95 PER MONTH

Premium members will have access to a standard account including:

  1. Lead Service:

    1. Availability to have lead notification by text or e-mail
    2. All leads are pre-screened by the following:
      1. All lead contact information is verified through text or e-mail verification.
      2. Leads are processed through our customer screening service before being posted. Your leads will include a link to see any review available.
        NOTE: Leads are limited to 4 contractors / see below for categories and fees
  2. Lead Reviews:

    1. All reviews that are posted on you through the Contractor Screening page our directly from leads you have recieved will automatically be available in the Lead Review page. This will elimiate our premium members have to search for their reviews.
    2. When a new review has been posted you will automatically recieve a notification so you are aware. You can then go in to your members area to see the review(s).
  3. Dispute Service:

    1. Members can file a complaint with us against customers
    2. Letters will be sent out to each party to try to resolve the issues, the CPA will try to help negotiate a mutually agreeable arrangement
    3. If our members customers do not respond or help resolve the matter, their file will be turned over to our collection department for processing. If we cannot retrieve the money owed it will be placed through a credit reporting process

Categories & Fees

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